Available for Adoption

We have several animals that could be adopted out to the right home.  You will be asked to provide photos of your enclosure, as well as complete an application and adoption agreement.  This helps us get to know more about you and ensure that our animals are going to a good home and will not end up back in rescue. 

We are happy to coach you through building and setting up an enclosure as well as help you choose the right animal for you and your family.

LOCAL ADOPTION ONLY – Washington and Western Idaho; we do NOT ship animals.

Snake Haus adoption fee differs according to the type of animal.

Our goals are to find excellent long-term homes for all snakes that are in need.  Unfortunately, the color and size of some of these animals changes their worth in the eyes of many pet owners.  Individuals with special genetics are often desired more than the normals.  Yet breeding project produce far more normals. 

We have chosen different adoption fees for animals with special genetics, or size, in an effort to help ensure these animals all have a fair chance at adoption. 

$60 – Normal smaller species

$100 – Significant adult size (large normal boas, retics, or burms)

$200 – Special genetics: color morphs or dwarf species

$300 – Exceptionally rare or special individuals

Adoption fees and donations can be paid on the donation page.


Hypo Hog Cross Boa – this little dude has a bit of a ‘tude but he sure is handsome!

Adoption fee $200


This beautiful girl is near and dear to our hearts but she is so well behaved that we feel we should make her available for some to take her in as a beloved pet. We will miss her when she finds her forever home!

Adoption fee: $100

Skinny Pete

Male Columbian Boa – Skinny Pete is currently on a diet. He still needs to lose a huge amount of weight but he has settled into routine here at Snake Haus quite well. He does have some mild defensive behaviors so he will need to be adopted into a home with an experienced keeper. His size requires two people to be present for handling. Since coming to Snake Haus he has calmed significantly and is doing very well!

Adoption fee: $100


This is such a good looking boa! His markings are so clean. He is a very good eater and has taken well to hook training. We are confident that he will make a good pet for someone.

Adoption fee: $100


Oh my goodness! Just look how gorgeous this little lady is! She eats like a champ and is growing. We hope she will be able to find her forever home soon.

Adoption fee: $100


This gorgeous girls is quite social and calm. Her coloring has strong red hues making her a bit different from the normal bci’s. She has a large scar on her nose that gives her a very cute button nose. This scar also causes the occasional change in her breaths sounds but doesn’t seem to bother her at all.

Adoption fee: $100


This is a very rare boa! She was sold to her previous owner by a pet shop as a Pearl Island boa. We do not have her pedigree to prove her lineage however her scale counts are consistent with a pearl island boa. This is a dwarf locality that is very arboreal.

Location: Snake Haus EAST

Adoption fee: $300


Small Hypo Boa with spinal kink that does not seem to effect her. Since coming to Snake Haus a few years ago she has done very well and grown significantly.

Location: Snake Haus EAST

Adoption fee: $100


A central american boa that is the perfect size for someone who wants a boa but not a giant!

Adoption fee: $100


Another central american boa whom, this gorgeous little girl was very sick when she was surrendered. She has made a full recovery though and is doing great!

Location: Snake Haus EAST

Adoption fee: $100


This poor kiddo was surrendered at a pet store with severe burns. A good Samaritan took him in and start treatment for his wounds. Due to his ordeal he is nervous of people but is learning to trust again. He has healed well but will always have severe scars from his wounds. He will need advanced keeper to help him continue learning that people are not scary. We will be very particular about husbandry requirements in his new home.

Location: Snake Haus EAST

Adoption fee: $100


This little guy was found abandoned in an empty house that was for sale. The new owner called us for help when they discovered a snake in their new home. He is a hungry little guy, eating well and catching up for lost time.

Adoption fee: $100


Indie is one heckuva a handsome fella! He is very social and loves to eat.


Adoption fee $200


A gorgeous young jungle with high yellow, Aria is a typical juvenile carpet python. She is a bit jumpy and nervous because she is still quite small. She eats like a champ though and is growing like a weed.

Adoption fee: $100


Albino reticulated python


This fella is so well behaved we feel like we’re being selfish keeping him! We have decided to consider letting go if it’s to the right home. He is near and dear to our hearts.

Adoption fee $200


Blood python

This is a old and very large female blood python. She was surrendered to us due to respiratory illness but has been doing well for a couple of years now. She does not like people so will only be allowed to go to a highly experienced home.

Adoption fee: $100


A young Yellow Anaconda that is learning how to stay calm around people. He has been undergoing hook training and socialization at Snake Haus and is learning fast. He still does not like to be handled but is calming down and allows us to clean and work around him when inside his enclosure. Expert level adopters only!

Adoption fee: $300


We have several animals in quarantine that may become available once cleared. Availability pending quarantine and behavioral evaluation.


Kaa has been a Snake Haus friend for a few years ago. We took him in when he was very sick as a small baby. He is now strong and healthy. Kaa is very curious and social. He loves to climb so is very entertaining when out for handling.

Picture coming soon

Adoption fee: $100

Successful Past Adoptions:


ADOPTED by the Ducatt family

Adoption fee: $100


Box turtle

ADOPTED by the King family


Male Columbian Boa

Adoption fee: $100


Male Columbian Boa – the guy is ancient! At more than 30 years old he will only be considered for adoption to the right home. He deserves a peacefull and quiet retirement!

Adoption fee: $100


Adopted by the Ford family 3/1/21

Pied ball python

Adopted by the Ford family 3/1/21

Snow ball python


Adopted by the Luddeman family 3/3/21

Banana ball python


Adopted by the Napier family

This little guy is doing very well. He has grown to be a calm and very handleable young gentleman!


Adopted by the Hanna family 11/6/20


Adopted by the Whalen family 11/9/20



Adopted by the Heard family

Male Columbian Boa- This handsome fella is so much fun! He loves to come out for exercise and socializing.


Adopted by the Wynand family 6/27/20

Glitch is a part dwarf reticulated python. He is still young and learning how to be around people. He has a strong food response so hook training will be mandatory. He also get’s a little bit scared when out for handling so you should be ok with someone that needs more work, training, and socialization.


Adopted by the Obst family

Female Dumeril’s boa – this big beautiful girl is very food motivated and a bit shy. Otherwise she is very good.



Adopted by the Lucia Family 4/5/2020

A young female burm who is growing into a strong and healthy adult. She had a slow start to life though so is a bit smaller than average for her age.


Adopted by the Lucia family 4/5/2020

Eve is shockingly small for a retic! She has a fierce appetite though and is growing fast.


Adopted by the Taylor family 2/10/2020
Caulker Cay Boa


Adopted by the Taylor family 2/10/2020
Caulker Cay Boa


Male Dumeril’s Boa

Adopted by the Steger family November 2019


Adopted by the Wynand family.

Mixed BCC/BCI about 5.5 feet long


Adopted by the Surber family

Male Common Boa
Over 7 feet long


Adopted by the Parmely family

Male Common Boa
Approximately 6 feet long


Male Common Boa
Adopted by the Thomas family.