Patient Records

Piccolo is a mainland Reticulated python with some hidden genes. He is double het which means he is heterozygous for two different color morphs. He has a copy of the Anthrax gene and a copy of the Granite gene.

We were picking up some enclosures for Snake Haus East today. When the owner told us about this lil guy we of course offered to help. He was very good for his exam and calmly held still for Sara to check his eyes, teeth, and gums.

This lil dude has a small mouth abscess and some facial wounds that we are starting him on antibiotics and wound cream for.

Welcome to Snake Haus Piccolo! Don’t worry guys he will be right as rain in no time.

UPDATE 4/17/2020 – Piccolo is doing very well! He is almost healed but it’s looking like he may have permanent scars around his eyes. Only time will tell. He is almost ready to move out of quarantine and start his socialization and training.

Piccolo came to us with a retained spectacle on one side. Watch how good he was for removing it:

Watch Dr Mayes remove a retained spectacle.Piccolo came to us with some skin wounds around his mouth and eyes. During his recent shed he was unable to get his right spectacle off. No worries though! We were able to help him with that and he’s feeling much better now ❤️🐍SPECIAL NOTE: This is something that should be done with great caution! Doing this incorrectly can cause severe damage to the eye. Please do not attempt this if you aren’t 100% sure you know how to proceed safely.

Posted by Snake Haus on Monday, March 2, 2020