Adoption Application

LOCAL HOMES ONLY – Washington and Western Idaho; we do NOT ship animals to other states

Snake Haus Adoption Agreement

Purpose: Snake Haus adoptions have the sole purpose of finding quality, loving, permanent homes for our rescues.  We will not adopt out an animal to someone who cannot, or will not, provide excellent care.  Many of the animals in our care have been rescued from environments that caused injury, illness, or behavioral problems.  If you are looking for an animal that is in perfect condition, or has a known pedigree, you should not adopt from us.  If you are looking for animals you can breed, or sell, you should not adopt from us.  If you do not plan to keep the animal for its whole life, you should not adopt from us.

Animal care and condition: The adopter assumes all financial responsibilities for the care of this animal.  The adopter will provide adequate housing, with correct husbandry, for this animal without relying on Snake Haus to provide it to them.  The adopter will seek veterinary care in a timely fashion for any ailments discovered in this animal at any time.  The adopter accepts this animal as-is on the date of adoption.

Commitment: The adopter shall keep the animal for at least one full year from the date of adoption.  The adopter shall contact Snake Haus and give us the option to accept this animal back at any time should the adopter no longer be able to provide care.  Snake Haus is not obligated to take the animal back; however we may assist in finding another suitable home in the event we cannot accept the animal back into our care.

Communication: The adopter gives Snake Haus permission to use photos of the adopted animal in education presentations, on websites, and in social media.  The adopter agrees to stay in communication with Snake Haus and provide updates on how the animal is doing.  The adopter will notify Snake Haus if their contact information changes (email and phone number) and will provide new contact information for Snake Haus adoption records.

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