Welcome to Snake Haus

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We have two primary goals

  1. Spread knowledge and appreciation for these amazing animals.
  2. Provide safe haven for animals in need.

Please help spread the word that snakes deserve quality care just like any other pet.


Education for the general public is greatly needed.  Snakes are too commonly viewed as villains, terrible predators, or even just gross.  None of these things are true.  

Here at Snake Haus we love to share our knowledge and appreciation for one of nature’s most incredible creations.  They may be predators in the wild but, in captivity, they need a tremendous amount of help.  These animals are extremely sensitive and dependent on their environment.

See our educational pages for short stories, fun facts, case reviews, and even videos of lectures we have given.  Let us know if you have any questions or would like some help with educating your friends.

There are so many amazing things to learn about snakes! Find some of them here.

Meet our snakes:

Safe Haven 

We currently house over 50 snakes at our main care facility in Snohomish where there are several different rooms dedicated to these animals.  There is an ICU and quarantine area separate from the long term residents.  There are separate rooms housing several varieties of species.  

The Snohomish location specializes in the care of the larger species of boas and pythons.  We have a second location in Clarkston, WA where most of the smaller snakes like the colubrids are kept.

Current residents at Snake Haus include numerous types of boas and pythons, as well as some colubrids at Snake Haus East. Our facilities are not yet open to the public but you can visit the animals here!

Stay tuned for updates!

This site is under construction – check back soon for updates, new info, and fun additions. 

(Pictured: Willie)