Meet the animals

Safe Haven 

We currently house over 50 snakes at our main care facility in Snohomish where there are several different rooms dedicated to these animals.  There is an ICU and quarantine area separate from the long term residents.  There are separate rooms housing several varieties of species.

The Snohomish location specializes in the care of the larger species of boas and pythons.  We have a second location in Clarkston, WA where most of the smaller snakes like the colubrids are kept.

Animal Safety & Handling levels

The Snake Haus animals are grouped into categories based on their behavior and handle-ability. Each animal has a number at the top of their page. This tells you what level they are. (under construction)

All of the animals go through a 3 month long quarantine period when they first arrive.  During that period they go through health checks (and treatment if necessary), behavioral assessments, and training/socialization. After completion of the 3 month quarantine period we decide what level of exposure they can handle.   We have several different levels of animal – follow the link above to read about the levels.


Some of the Snake Haus residents are available for adoption, but NOT ALL of them. If you are searching for an animal to adopt please go to the Adoptable Animals page.

Meet our snakes

Current residents at Snake Haus include numerous types of boas and pythons, as well as some colubrids at Snake Haus East.  Our facilities are not yet open to the public but you can visit the animals here. Try exploring each category below to discover and learn about the different types of snakes we have.  If you know which of our animals you are looking for you can use the Search option on the Menu, or find them in the Animal Index. If you don’t know who you are looking for peruse the pages below to find someone that fascinates you. Enjoy!

Boa Constrictors

Boas are a large and diverse group that contains some of the most commonly neglected animals.  Boas such as the common boa, or Columbian boa, are often sold in pet stores as little babies without any information about how to care for them properly, how long they can live, and how big they can get. 

(Pictured: Elsa)

Carpet Pythons

Carpet pythons are so colorful, active, and fun to handle.  But watch out! Some of them can get to be over 8 feet long!

(Pictured: Sallah)

The Giants

These large constrictors are not recommended as pets for any but the most experienced of keepers.  They are often purchased from breeders as tiny babies by people who have not researched their long term needs and size potential.  Some of these giants can grow to more than 20 feet long.  Meet some of them here in the Giants pages.

(Pictured: Ludo)

Ball Pythons

Who doesn’t love a ball of python. . . a ball python, I mean! These are some of the most commonly neglected snakes out there.   The ball pythons are so common as pets that, unfortunately many people treat them like throw aways. These incredible animals can live more than 30 years if cared for properly.  Come meet some of these little balls of cuteness!

(Pictured: Lita)

Blood Pythons

Heavy bodied and spunky, the blood pythons and their relatives are quite unique.

(Pictured: Rowen)


The colubrid family is full of silly slippery colorful trouble makers! They are so much fun! Visit the colubrid pages to learn about them.

(Pictured: Elvis)

Surrender or Adopt

Visit this page for information about surrendering or donating an animal to Snake Haus, as well as seeing which animals are available for adoption.

(Pictured: Stevie)