Snake Haus East Adoptables

Ella – ball python

Ella is a young normal ball python growing like a weed!

Michael – Caramel King snake

A 3 year old caramel king snake that’s really good for handling!

Adoption fee $200

Presley Black and White King snake

A 6 year old black and white king snake with a spicy personality; advanced keepers only.

Adoption fee $60

Elvis – Albino Aberrant Reverse Stripe King snake

A 6 year old albino king snake who is still learning to trust humans; patience and experience needed.

Adoption fee $200

Twiggy – Anery Corn snake

This 5 year old anery corn snake is flighty and fast making handling a bit of a challenge.

Adoption fee $60

Bo – Sand boa

An adult normal sand boa is extremely food motivated. He just might surprise you with a sneaky snack attack from below his substrate when you’re not expecting it. Knowledge of hook training and caution needed.

Adoption fee $60

Jessie – Sand boa

An adult female normal sand boa who was not handled early in life. She seems to always be looking for food so tends to strike first and think later.

Adodption fee $60

LukeSand boa

A juvenile normal male sand boa who is growing up calm and adjusted well to handling. He still needs hook training when hidden under his substrate but is great for handling once you find him.

Adoption fee $60

Kaa – Common boa

A 5 year old normal male common boa who is food motivated but otherwise very good for handling.

Adoption fee $100

Myth – Central American boa; (dwarf)

A 2 year old Central American Boa was starving when we got her so is food motivated, but once out of her enclosure is very good for handling.

Adoption fee $200

Priscilla: Commona boa; small

A 7 year old boa born with a spinal kink has essentially outgrown her difficulties and is now doing very well. She is food motivated and can get startled when surprised. Moderate experience needed.

Adoption fee $60

Clarence – Grey and Salmon Rosy boa

An adult grey and salmon rosy boa has a big attitude in a little body. He seems to enjoy chewing on us just to see what we might taste like. Advanced keeper needed unless you don’t mind being chewed on by a wee lil’ munchkin.

Adoption fee $60

HarveyAlbino Milk snake

A 5 year albino milk snake who a bit of a scaredy cat. He does not strike at handlers but prefers to run away and hide when startled.

Adoption fee $200

Martha – Ball python

A 2 year old female normal ball python who food motivated and a bit scared. She is learning to trust handlers still.

Adoption fee $60

ArthurAlbino California King snake

An adult albino California king snake who has been learning how to behave himself. He is improving with time but still recovering from starvation driven food motivation.

Adoption fee $200

CyndiBall python; morph not listed

A young ball python recovery well from severe neglect. She is a bit of an escape artist but is good for handling.

Adoption fee $60

LitaBumble Bee Spider Ball python

A young adult bumble bee spider ball python with significant neurological traits. She is growing well and has learned how to eat without help but still needs guidance. Food motivated and poorly coordinated.

Adoption fee $200

Billy Ball python

This poor dude suffered severe burns on more than one occasion before coming to us. He healed but seems to have to some left of fear of handling as he is very shy.

Adoption fee: $60

Alder Red Blood python

Alder is a typical blood python – shy and cranky. He does not particularly enjoy handling. This is an old picture and Alder has grown significantly. Expert level keepers only.

Adoption fee: $200

Willow T- Albino Blood python

Willow is also antisocial like many blood python. This species is a ground dweller that prefers to hide. They can be trained to tolerate handling but most don’t appreciate social activities. This is also an old picture and Willow is much bigger now. Expert level keepers only.

Adoption fee: $300