Volunteer for Snake Haus

We are NOT currently accepting volunteers. However, we would be happy to keep your information on file for when we do!

Volunteer Application

The wellbeing of the Snake Haus foster and resident animals will always be our first priority. Their care must be placed as the number one priority of all members of the Snake Haus team.

By signing and submitting this form I agree to the following:

  1. I will act as a responsible member of the Snake Haus team and will behave in a respectful and professional manner at all times.
  2. I will protect the wellbeing of the animals in our care at all times and agree to keep their safety always as my first priority. This supersedes any and all commitments at public events or other duties. I will not put any animal’s well being at risk for my own benefit. If I find myself unable to continue the work we do for any reason in a way that sacrifices our animal’s safety I will immediately notify the Snake Haus officers that my position needs coverage.
  3. I agree to adhere to the guidelines recommended by the Snake Haus directors regarding care of our fosters and permanent residents. If I disagree with their care recommendations I will maintain an open mind and discuss it with one of the officers in private in order come to an agreement regarding the care of our animals.
  4. If I notice anything suggesting an animal is under stress, or is experiencing a health problem, I will bring it to the attention of either Dr. Mayes or Dr. Finch immediately so they may take action to correct the perceived problem.
  5. I will not guess when answering questions to the public during events. If I am unsure of the correct answer to a question I will seek help from one of the directors or officers. You may tell the person that you are not sure of the answer but will find out for them. Offer our email or direct them to the Questions & Answers page so they may contact us for more information if you are unable to get immediate help from an officer when the question is asked.
  6. I will not make any promises of service or agreements on behalf of Snake Haus on my own. All requests for animal surrender, adoption, volunteer, or events must be submitted via the online forms found on the Snake Haus website.
  7. I will not speak negatively about any associates or members of the community in public. Personal disagreements shall be handled privately and respectfully in order to preserve good relations and maintain a positive reputation for our organization.
  8. I will provide my assistance to Snake Haus as a volunteer and will not seek compensation for any of the work done.
  9. I will not hold Snake Haus liable for any injury or illness sustained while volunteering for the organization.

*If you are found to be violating this agreement any of the Snake Haus officers may strip you of your volunteer status immediately and your association with the organization will cease. Snake Haus agrees to protect your privacy and reputation in the event we part ways, as long as you do the same for Snake Haus. We will always strive to be respectful no matter our differences and expect you to be that as well.

If you selected "other" please describe.
If you selected "specific" please list the days or dates you can help.