About Snake Haus

(Pictured: Valac checking his length with Mirko, Sara, and Sean)

Who we are

Snake Haus was created by Dr. Sara Mayes and her husband, Mirko, out of love and appreciation for these amazing animals.  Sara is a veterinarian that has been working with exotic pets and wildlife for many years.  Sara is currently an Associate Veterinarian at Cascade Animal Clinic in Monroe, WA. Mirko is a carpenter and a cycling coach with a natural curiosity and talent with animals.  Together they make a powerful team and are able to help many animals that other people won’t or are unable to.

A second location has now also been started by Sara’s great friend, Dr. Nicky Finch, in Lewiston, ID.  Nicky runs the Exotics Ward at the WSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital.  She and her family specialize in the housing and care of Snake Haus’s smaller rescues like colubrids and some of the ball pythons.  Sara and Nicky often team up on rescue missions for snakes in each other’s differing areas and may transfer animals between the two locations as needed.   For the most part, size of the animal is what dictates the location in which an animal will be housed.

Our goals at Snake Haus are two fold: 
1) Provide a safe haven for unwanted or large snakes  
2) Educate people about these amazing animals

Why we are needed

Visit Rocco’s page to read about his recovery.

There are many snakes out there in desperate need of care.  These animals are sensitive and totally at the mercy of their environment.  They are commonly left neglected and abandoned by uncaring or unknowing pet owners without even the most basic care.  Snakes are not difficult to care for in captivity, nor do they require a tremendous amount of time or commitment.  What they do need is easy to provide with the right tools and knowledge, and they deserve our compassion and protection. 

Our Facility

Snake Haus WEST

In 2019 Snake Haus West moved into a new facility. We were able to purchase a 2,000 square foot machine shop. The building was essentially an empty shell at the time of purchase which allowed us to customize the interior for our needs. We have several different rooms dedicated to the care of our animals. The healthy individuals are housed in the boa and python rooms. There is also a separate area for ICU and quarantine of new intakes. This facility functions around a central work room where we have our treatment tables and custom tub for water treatments. Take a tour below.

The central work room is always a busy place!

The Exercise Room:

A new addition in 2022 is a large new addition that serves both as the home for our old giant tortoise and as an exercise room for the giant snakes. This room is where we let the big snake out to exercise and climb once a week. It is still under some contruction is functional. We plan to add swings and shelves for more climbing opportunities.

Below you can watch Lilith having some fun in here:

Snake Haus EAST facility

The Snake Haus East building is currently being remodeled. This is particularly challenging because the work has to be done around the animals in their care. New insulation was installed this summer and new electrical power installation is underway. Interior shelving has allowed for more efficient organization of the enclosures giving us more room for the animals.

pictures coming soon