There is so much to learn!

This is where we will try to share as much helpful knowledge as possible. The majority of the topics covered here are the answers to our most frequently asked questions. Here on the Snake Haus website we can go into great detail so that people can better understand and achieve their goals.

Let’s remember there are many different ways of doing things. This includes different techniques for keeping reptiles in captivity. We strive to highlight best practices and share ideas for what works well, and what to avoid. Some points, particularly about husbandry, are absolutely vital. Others are our preferences for our specific needs: Maintaining a large collection and managing animals with health and behavioral problems. Not all, but MOST of the animals at Snake Haus are here due to significant neglect, or simply ignorance. When working with animals in need, every small detail counts. The Snake Haus director, Dr. Sara Mayes, is known for being very detailed and picky about how she handles and cares for her animals. Hopefully you can learn some of her tricks so that YOUR animals may benefit as well!

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Follow safe handling guidelines

  • There should be an extra person for every 3 feet over 6 feet of snake.
  • Always use a hook first when reaching into an enclosure or holding bin. –Do NOT crowd the animal!
  • Ask the Handler for permission to touch.
  • Stay away from the head. Do not pet the head!
  • Do not stand directly in front of the head.
  • Approach from below if you are in sight of the animal.