All Snake Haus enclosures have the same basic layout whether its a 12 foot long giant python house or a small 3′ ICU enclosure. The photo below shows the most important aspects of how to set up an enclosure. This is a stack of large boa constrictor enclosures, but they are the same outline as all of the others. We find that most of the snakes surrendered to us for behavior or health problems improve greatly in an enclosure that is set up in this way.

Temperature control:

Maintaining an adequate temperature gradient inside your snake’s enclosure is one of the most important things you need to learn. In our opinion most snakes are colder than their keepers believe and is the cause for many health and behavioral problems that we consult on.

Follow this link to read about this topic in detail: Climate Control

Humidity control:

This category of husbandry often seems to be difficult for people. It really shouldn’t be though. The two most important things you can do to control your snake enclosure’s humidity is 1) reduce venting and 2) increase the production of water vapor. An enclosure with large air vents or screens will rapidly lose its humidity to the outside air so if you are struggling with humidity you might have the wrong type of enclosure.

Follow this link to read about this topic in detail: Humidity Control

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There are many keepers that do not believe hides are important. At Snake Haus we have seen time and time again how much hides can help our animals. In fact, the right style and size of hide has been our number one best tool for helping our more defensive snakes to become manageable.

The correct hide is a vital tool that you should use to help your snake be comfortable in your home. Always remember that the animals are habituated, not domesticated. That means they are not fully adapted to living with people and we need to do certain things to help them be comfortable around us.

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THis is a bigger topic than you might think. Some people don’t clean enough and others clean too much.

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