Case Reviews

This is where we will discuss illness and injury with the hope of preventing people from making these same mistakes.

Snakes are unique. They are cold blooded and have slower metabolisms than other animals. That inadvertently slows the onset of clinical signs and makes it easy to miss developing problems until it has become quite severe.  By the time most people realize there’s a problem with their snake, it has already been sick for quite some time.   This also means that a snake’s body might inadvertently slow the progression of disease when they are cold and inactive.

This is blessing and a curse:
– A blessing because it gives us more time to intervene and make a difference before the animals reaches a point of no return.
– A curse because it means these animals somehow tolerate horrible neglect and inhumane treatment.

The ability to survive such adversity is a strength in the wild, but makes severe inhumane treatment in captivity possible.

Let it be known:
Just because a snake can survive in certain terrible conditions, doesn’t mean they should have to.

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