Albino Kenyan sand boa

Patient Records

Daisy was Nicky’s first sand boa and she is definitely a special little girl. 

Daisy was purchased from a reptile expo as an adult by someone who had never had this type of snake.  She was pregnant and already sick with an upper respiratory infection when when she was purchased at the expo.  Her new owner did the best she could.  She brought her to Nicky at the exotics ward, and allowed her to treat for infection.  Daisy’s eggs were not fertile, but it took her about 3 months to decide that she needed pass them anyway. 

Then, the owner’s dog was attacked at a park and she had to decide where to spend her money.  Thankfully she made the choice to surrender Daisy to Nicky who took over Daisy’s care and bill.  Nicky had already been working with her for several months and had kinda fallen in love –  by then, Nicky had spent more time with Daisy than the owner had. 

Daisy endured antibiotic injections for a total of almost 6 months before she was finally healthy. 

A note from Nicky: 

“Daisy continued to have skin problems for another year and a half until Sara introduced me to her aquarium modification for snake caging.  I’m happy to say that Daisy FINALLY had a normal shed last month where she got everything off on her own!!!  3 years in the making and I finally have a full sand boa shed in one piece to show off!!!! “

Are you sensing a theme to our sand boa names yet?  I’ll give you a hint, there was a bright orange Dodge Charger that got A LOT of air time in that show. 

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