Patient Records

Dumeril’s boa

This distinguished fella was born in 2003.  He was unfortunately passed around from home to home for many years.  Due to frequent changes and lack of routine schedule he became extremely food motivated and territorial.  Those behavioral characteristics, along with his large size, led people to avoid handling him and he never really got used to people. 

Darwin prefers to be a display snake rather than an educational animal. 
Great care must be taken when cleaning his enclosure, feeding him, or taking him out to be handled because he almost always STRIKES first then THINKS later.  He does know the difference between feeding time and handling time but he chooses to be a bit of a stinker anyway.  Once Darwin is out of his enclosure he no longer will strike but does tend to just want to hide.  Due to his discomfort we try not to handle this old guy very much.  We feel that he has earned the right to a calm and comfortable retirement home without the need to show off for the public.

Darwin is available for adoption to the RIGHT home.  You must have advanced knowledge of snake handling and hook training.  AND he should be primarily a display snake to be admired more than handled.  Snake Haus reserves the right to deny an adoption request for Darwin if we feel that it is not the right fit for him.

ADOPTED November 2019