Rocco came to us in terrible shape. He was reportedly born without his left eye but when his previous owner purchased him he discovered much worse. He knew Rocco need more help than what he could provide so he contacted Snake Haus for help. He was 4 hours away from the Snake Haus West location but thankfully a volunteer was able to go get him and meet us half way. Once we got Rocco to our facility we immediately started treatment.

He had a severely retained shed which you can watch us removing in this video.

Retained shed – here’s how to get it off. Video starts after a 20 minute warm bath (95-100 degrees) and two water changes.The new rescue is here and done with his first round of treatments. He had pretty bad dysecdysis due to mites so here’s a video that shows me removing his retained shed for him. After a warm bath with three different water changes, removing the bad shed, antibiotic injection, and a mite treatment, now he’s sleeping in his ICU enclosure. After being on antibiotics for a week or so he’ll go to work with me to get an FNA and cytology done on his swollen chin to see if surgery is need to debride it. Huge thank you to Marco Lino for helping with transportation. ❤️🐍

Posted by Snake Haus on Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Rocco’s other problem was a very large jaw abscess. Lab work showed him to be in good health otherwise and radiographs of his skull showed no skeletal injuries. Here you can see him getting one of his injections.

Not quite two weeks into our treatment plan and Rocco is doing amazing! His abscess has already shrunk by at least half and his septic color is fading. He just might not need surgery after all – we’ll keep going and see what another week or two of antibiotics and anti-inflammatories do for him. Check him out in this video. There’s lots to see here:1) ICU enclosure setup 2) hidebox style and use 3) tap training 4) giving an injection 5) handling techniques6) my trusty nursemaid Ursa the super poodle 😉

Posted by Snake Haus on Friday, April 12, 2019