Seymour is a wiggle worm!

Patient Records

White albino superdwarf reticulated python

Albino Types:

There are 3 different types of albino that are found at the same gene location.  Snake Haus has examples of two of them: Seymour (seen here) is a WHITE albino.  Lilith is a PURPLE albino.  If you breed a white to a purple the traits blend to create a LAVENDAR albino.  This is an example of incomplete dominance – the blending of two different gene expressions to cause a new phenotype that is a blending of the two parents.

Seymour is a mix of dwarf and mainland.  The only color morph found in superdwarf or dwarf retics is anerythistic (lack of red).  This means that in order to get albino, or other color morphs, into the dwarf snakes you must cross them with the mainland.  Further more that means no albino can be a 100% dwarf!  
We do not know what Seymour’s dwarf percentage is but his small size and slim build at 6 years of age lead us to suspect he has a significant amount of superdwarf in his family tree.
Watch Seymour peeking out at us from his hide box.
This video shows Seymour exploring his enclosure after a big cleaning.  His house is 8x2x2 feet.
Seymour is really fun to handle.  He is very active and wiggly!

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