Patient Records

Rocco was surrendered to Snake Haus in order to receive much needed medical attention. His rescue was a group effort made possible by the combined efforts of three different Snake Haus fans.

A friend purchased Rocco from a so-called breeder but discovered when he picked him up that he was very sick. Rather than try to treat Rocco himself he started asking around for someone that could help. A Snake Haus fan heard about Rocco and connected his new owner with us who immediately chose to surrender him so we could start treatment as soon as possible. Only problem was Rocco was a long ways away from us. Fortunately another Snake Haus friend volunteered to go pick him up and meet us half way.

Once Rocco arrive here at Snake Haus we immediately started treatment. We found a severe retained shed, a missing eye, a huge jaw abscess, and signs of generalized sepsis. Here is a picture of him on his day or arrival:

Rocco got a warm bath and immediate help removing his retained shed. We also started antibiotics and anti-inflammatory meds right away. Watch this video to see his retained shed coming off.

Retained shed – here’s how to get it off. Video starts after a 20 minute warm bath (95-100 degrees) and two water changes.The new rescue is here and done with his first round of treatments. He had pretty bad dysecdysis due to mites so here’s a video that shows me removing his retained shed for him. After a warm bath with three different water changes, removing the bad shed, antibiotic injection, and a mite treatment, now he’s sleeping in his ICU enclosure. After being on antibiotics for a week or so he’ll go to work with me to get an FNA and cytology done on his swollen chin to see if surgery is need to debride it. Huge thank you to Marco Lino for helping with transportation. ❤️🐍

Posted by Snake Haus on Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Two months later Rocco has now moved into the 8′ ICU enclosure above Luna, another one of our burms. He is doing very well and continues to heal. We have not yet pursued surgery for his jaw because it is still shrinking. We are starting get hopeful that he might not actually need surgery. He is a very good boy and will become an excellent addition to our education team once he gets well.

Upgrade for Rocco!One eyed Rocco is doing so well we decided to give him the other 8’ enclosure above Luna. His face continues to remodel and shrink as he heals so we still have not pursued surgery. He is still on antibiotics and takes his injections like a champ. If he can heal from this abscess without surgery that would be best so we can avoid further scarring. Keep on healing bud!

Posted by Snake Haus on Monday, May 20, 2019