Patient Records

King snake – aberrant reverse stripe albino

Elvis is an adult albino king snake.  He was the first king snake Nicky had really worked with, so of course he got named after “the King” of rock -n- roll.  Elvis came to Snake Haus East with many of the other little snakes in May of 2018.  At the time, Sara warned me “he bites”.  She’d been working with him a lot to try to get him out of that habit, but he was still a bit apprehensive when he first got here.  We kept working with him with hook training to get him to learn that not everything that enters the cage is food, nor going to kill him.  Now after a year of training, and proper food schedules, he is most often a good boy! Hey, we all have our days!  

Originally, Elvis was just a foster snake here at Snake Haus East and we were supposed to rehome him. But apparently Nicky has a soft spot for the things that are (or were, in his case) a bit cranky and she signed the paperwork to become his permanent home.  He’s a shining example of what can happen when the proper techniques, time, and patience are employed when dealing with a scared snake.