Patient Records

Columbian BCC – Boa constrictor constrictor

Elsa is a Columbian red tail boa and is much larger than normal.  Her scale counts indicate she is a BCC which explains her massive size. (BCC should have greater than 80 mid body scales – Elsa has 88 putting her strongly into the category of BCC.)  She was born in 2007 and is a good example of a bcc that does not have peaked saddles, nor a bright red tail.

Snake Haus took her in from a family that was no longer able to take care of her due to her massive size.

She had been living inside of a wooden dresser and had not been handled in over a year.  Her owner lived with his parents, had a small child, and another baby on the way.  His parents and wife were afraid of her.

When we asked Elsa’s owner how long it had been since he handled her he said “I don’t know, it’s been at least a year, I don’t remember”.

She now is very healthy and has become one of Snake Haus’s well know education animals.  You can see her in some of the videos on the Education pages.

(Mid body scale count: 88; BCC 80-95)


Elsa had 3rd degree burns that required more than 6 months of antibiotics and wound mangement.


Since Elsa had not been handled in over a year, she required gentle frequent handling sessions to help her learn that people are safe to be around.


Due to her large size Elsa has a giant enclosure out in the boa building, along with some of the other giants.  She loves to climb on her jungle gym and is very comfortable in her new home.


Now that Elsa is healed and healthy she helps us teach people about large boas.  She has been on many outings and continues to thrive and learn new things!