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Hypo Hog island boa = hog island and common boa cross

Raiden is a very unique fella.  He has a very high mid body scale count suggesting a significant amount of BCC genes however his color morph is much more likely to be coming from BCI genes.  Some BCC gene make sense for him because he is very large for a male. 
Raiden is a rescue and the people we got him from didn’t know what he was.  His color and markings suggest the he may be a hypo hog island boa but we will never know for sure.  The jungle morph in boas causes the saddles to become and elongated double stripe down their back so it is possible he also has some jungle in him.  Raiden has very few saddles and the ones he does are elongated.  His color is a beautiful rich orange-peach.  Whatever he is he is spectacular!

Raiden was a bit of a handful when we got him.  He was very skinny so his food motivation was out of control.  The people that had him were also afraid of him so didn’t handle him very much.  That trained him to look for food every time his enclosure was opened.  A steady and appropriate food routine and hook training helped him figure out when he should eat and when he should be social.  He is doing much better now.

Can’t resist one more fun snake post for tonight. Watch Raiden being a trouble maker. He decided to climb on his heat lamp and knock it loose. This is a great example of why I cover every heater with a strong cage AND zip tie it to its hanger so it can’t fall. 👍 also a good example of how to untangle a boa on a walk about without causing too much stress. This big guy is so food motivated he greedily ate a 3XL chicken 2 minutes after going back into his house. He’s ridiculous. Enjoy his handsomeness!

Posted by Sara Mayes on Monday, February 11, 2019