Patient Records

This picture shows Cymbal on his first day here. He is very skinny and very scared. He was cohabbed with another boa that had passed away while the owner was out of town. Unfortunately it is quite clear they were not well cared for. But that’s why he’s here – to get a second chance at a long comfortable life. He is so small for his age I’m wondering if he might be one of the dwarf localities. He is too scared and stressed right now for a thorough exam and evaluation. Once he has settled down and gotten some rest for a few days we can take a better look at him.

He was so scared in his travel box that he was sitting up like a cobra and striking at anything that moved. Slowly lowering a towel over him helped him feel protected and safe which then allowed me to gently scoop him up inside the towel and move him to his quarantine house without any restraint. He’s now peeking out from the safety of his towel wondering where he is. Don’t worry little man you are safe.