8/11/21 -10/22/21

The following photos show healing progression over a couple of months.

This first photo shows what his original wounds clean but early on in the process. You can see tendon and muscle exposed but they will soon be covered over with new granulation tissue as treatment continues.
Here we see wound contraction and granulation tissue growth beginning to cover the exposed tendon. The brown tissue is essentially scab material which is nature’s own bandage.
Granulation tissue has almost fully covered the wound bed.
Here we see new skin finally starting to grow. The white tissue on the right is skin that now can grow across the healthy granulation bed. The granulation tissue acts like a ladder by creating a bridge for the new skin cells to creep across and eventually cover the wound.
Now we are really seeing rapid healing as new skin grows quickly in the ideal conditions of the heated water bath.
At this point we have mature scar tissue. These wounds are no longer painful but will continue to shrink and remodel with time. They eventually will look like Grimm’s normal skin again with only slight differences in color and texture.

Below you can see clear view of Grimm’s healed skin. The scars are almost unnoticeable. This degree of healing truly is remarkable!

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