Patient Records

Dumerils boa

What a gorgeous creature!
Emma was born in 2011.  Her owner had been forced to move and left her with his sister.  He came back occasionally to feed Emma because his sister was afraid of her.  When we arrived to pick her up we found her in a horrendously dirty, inadequately sized,  screen top aquarium with no heat.  By counting the number of fecal deposits and discarded sheds we guessed that her enclosure hadn’t been cleaned in well over 6 months.  Emma’s hide was so small less than half her body fit inside it, and her water dish was lined with green scum.

It is a miracle that Emma survived this amount of neglect, but she has a strong spirit, and is now thriving at Snake Haus.  She has become well known for falling asleep in silly positions and is VERY fast when allowed to roam through the grass.  She does not particularly like to come out of her enclosure for handling sessions.  She always tries to hide, but is quite polite once out and about.  

We think her silly sleeping habits are a sign that she is happy and knows that she is finally safe.  She can often be found zonked out with her head having fallen sideways off of her body, or wedged between her door and her hide.  Whatever makes you happy Emma! You deserve it.