Home to Home Surrender Program

We started something new in 2021 in hopes of making a difference for smaller snakes that are most commonly discarded.

We save our space at Snake Haus for animals with special needs such as health and behavioral problems, emergency transfers from other facilities, intakes from animal shelters and animal control, or abandonment cases.

That means we do not often accept surrenders of healthy ball pythons . There are TOO MANY and we would be inundated with them. There have been weeks when we got 15 surrender request for ball pythons. We simply don’t have room for that many. This breaks our hearts. A ball python should live for more than 30 years but many people don’t know that when they buy one. Thankfully they are small and easy to care for. That makes them relatively easy to rehome.

The Home to Home Surrender Program is a way for us to help the snakes we can’t take. Our goal is to connect private owners with people in the local reptile community for rehoming. Many of our followers monitor the Snake Haus page for these posts and will offer to help when able. These helpers are good Samaritans that can usually take in 1 or 2 of the smaller snake species when needed. These are private homes NOT affiliated with Snake Haus.

Snake Haus acts as an intermediary for these cases and is not responsible for the financial commitment or health care of these animals. The former owner and new adopter are responsible for making transfer arrangements and long term care.

Snake Haus can offer guidance on how to rehome these animals or change their husbandry in their current home. If you need help finding a home for your snake please email us so we can help you decide if the Home to Home Surrender Program is right for you. If we feel it would be better for your snake to be directly surrendered to Snake Haus we will let you know how to do so.


Questions we will ask you when you email us:

  • Where do you live?
  • Why does your snake need to be rehomed?
  • What is your snake’s name and age?
  • What health concerns, if any, do you have for this animal?
  • How long have you had it?
  • Please send pictures of the animal.

Remember these Home to Home Surrenders are involving people who are not working directly with Snake Haus. We can not guarantee they are good homes. You need to interview them and decide for yourself, but we can help.

Questions YOU should ask your potential adopter:

  • Describe your past experience with the type of animal?
  • What type of enclosure you have for this animal?
  • What size is the enclosure?
  • Will this enclosure be permanent? 
  • Will this enclosure be shared with another animal?
  • What type(s) of heating equipment you plan to install in this enclosure?
  • List the temperature gradients you plan to offer?
  • How will the temperature be measured? 
  • How will the temperatures be controlled/regulated?
  • What humidity level do you plan to offer?
  • Select the type(s) of substrate you plan to use?
  • Select the type of light source you will provide: 
  • How many hides will you provide?
  • Select the type of food you plan to offer this animal?
  • How often you plan to feed this animal?
  • Who will care for the animal when you are on vacation? 
  • What will you do with the animal if you have to move? 
  • Who is your Veterinarian?

Feel free to ask us about the answers you get to these questions!