This is a Blue morph Green Iguana. That means she lack yellow pigment. What does green become without yellow? BLUE!

Unfortunately this little monster has one heck of an attitude. Her first owners were not successful in taming her so she was surrendered to Snake Haus. We interact with her daily but she doesn’t seem to like people anyway. Her behaviors and posturing are now leading us to believe Leelu is actually male and will be quite dominant when older. Our plans are to create a large set of climbers and shelves up high in the rafters of the main work room at Snake Haus. This will allow Leelu to be active and around people but able to control her own exposure to us. Over time she will get used to us and hopeful not become so dominant that she starts challenging and coming after people. We’ll just have to wait and see what she does! HE does? This is an excellent example of why iguana’s really are not great pets for most housholds.