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Hector is a Savannah Monitor. These guys often do not live very long in captivity due to improper nutrition. They are insectivores and should eat nothing else. In captivity feeding only insects can be very expensive so many people feed them larger food items such as rodents and eggs.

Since these animals are very opportunistic they will eat just about anything offered to them. That is because in the wild they need to food drive in order to find enough insects. Unfortunately in captivity this leads to obesity and fatty liver bad enough that more don’t live longer than a few years.

Hi Hector! Such a cute lil alien. 😆 (Savannah monitor)I made some changes to his habitat today because he was hiding so much he wasn’t doing other normal behaviors. Looks like we already have success on the first night. He finally came out to his shelf for some heat and then another quick check after the lights went out found him chomping down some yummy bugs. Hurray!

Posted by Snake Haus on Wednesday, April 8, 2020

The Snake Haus bug room is where we are growing Hectors food! We have colonies of two different kinds of roaches and a super worm farm. These are still just getting started but all three bug farms are doing well and starting to produce babies. This will ensure that we always have enough food for Hector.

The Snake Haus roach farm!

The roach farm seems to be doing very well! We already have babies. We feed them very good food because after all, what they eat is ultimately also the nutrition that our lizards get. Fresh fruits and veggies daily as well as a variety of dry goods, the main ingredient of which is organic chick starter. They also get some fish food and some cereal and oats.

Posted by Snake Haus on Friday, March 6, 2020