Patient Records

New intake: 4 month old female retic with respiratory infection.

Eve is a 25% Kalatoa reticulated python bred by Samson Pruit. Samson has been working on breeding the mainland retics to become smaller. Eve is an exampled of that. With only 25% dwarf blood she really can not be labeled as a dwarf. However, she has been line bred for several generations to make her and her siblings all smaller than normal. This will be fun to watch her grow.

Eve was surrendered to Snake Haus by her original owner who purchased her from Slither Inc. Her owner discovered symptoms of URI. He soon realized that retics just aren’t for him and asked us to taker her on. Of course, we agreed!

Welcome to Snake Haus lil’ one!

UPDATE – Little Eve has had some trouble eating. She will not swallow her mouse unless we get it lined up perfectly strait. It seems that she can’t quite figure out how to realign it for swallowing after she strikes and constricts. After a few weeks of trying we have a system figured out now and she is finally growing.

UPDATE – Eve is now doing very well! She is eating like a champ and finally growing strong. She is up to Medium rats now. Hurray!

Hello there lil’ lady! This is Eve. She’s a teeny tiny juvenile Retic. When she first came to Snake Haus she had a respiratory infection. She also had a heck of a time learning how to eat. We had to really be careful to help her line her strike up perfectly on the head of her food. If she didn’t hit it perfectly she couldn’t swallow it. Rather then dropping her food and realining to eat she would just look at me again for help. So I would pick her food back up, line her strike up, and try again.Eve is finally eating medium rats quickly and efficiently on her own which means she is finally growing! Sheesh this lil lady was a lot of work but so worth it.One of the most important things you can do for a young snake like this is provide adequate hides and cover. You can see here that Eve has a cold hide and a hot hide that are small and fully enclosed. They are also exactly the same so that she doesn’t choose a preferred hide rather than a good temperature. Isn’t she just the cutest?!

Posted by Snake Haus on Friday, March 13, 2020