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Coastal Carpet Python: Morelia spilota mcdoweli

The Coastal carpet python is the largest in this family and has an extensive natural range along the eastern coast of Australia.  Their habitat is limited to the eastern side of Australia by the Great Dividing Range.  They exhibit wonderful variations in color and can achieve impressive size.  In the southern ranges of their territory some remarkable specimens have been found over 11 feet long.  An interesting fact about the coastal carpet python is their differences in size between males and females.  In most snakes the females will be larger, however in this case, the coastal carpet python males are the larger of the two sexes.  

Sallah is a normal male Coastal Carpet python that was born in 2009.  He was surrendered to the Pacific Northwest Herpetological Society by his owner when he left home for college.  Sallah was adopted by the Snake Haus leaders and is a perfect individual for education.  He is quite large, very calm, and exceptionally social.