Patient Records

Irian Jaya Carpet Python: Morelia spilota harrisoni

Abner is a beautiful example of a normal color Irian Jaya carpet python.  The Irian Jaya’s are found on the island of New Guinea in southern Indonesia, off the northern coast of Australia.  They are the only carpet pythons found outside of Australia and tend to be a bit smaller than their Australian relatives.

Abner was born in 2012.  He was donated to us, along with Freya the Bredli python, by his breeder.  She was sick and had to rehome her collection before a long hospital stay.  She had just recently taken him back from the person she had sold him to.  They had not realized his heater was broken so he had stopped eating.  When Snake Haus took him in he had a respiratory infection and was very thin.  After getting him into an appropriately heated enclosure for several weeks he returned to good health.  Abner is a bit shy and does not appreciate handling much, although he is quite polite anyway.