Patient Records

Surinam BCC- Boa constrictor constrictor

This beauty is a Surinam bcc that is severely stunted due to neglect during her early growth stages.  We are guess she was likely born some time near the year 2000 making her quite old.  She should be much much larger.
Miracle was rescued by some friends of our multiple times.  They asked us to take her in at Snake Haus to ensure that she will never be neglected nor allowed to suffer again.  We have two other animals here that share a story like Miracle’s.  Both Ludo and Wraith are also severely stunted due to neglect

Read Miracle’s story below.

Miracle’s story:
(written by Greg L. Catt)
About 8 years ago I was coming out of Walmart. The sun was almost setting and as I looked into it I saw a silhouette of what appeared to be a guy holding a snake. As I approached him I saw it was in fact snake, a small (3ft) Surinam boa. I asked him about it and he said he could no longer keep it and he was on his way to a local pet store to surrender it for adoption.  Luckily I was able to convince him to give it to me instead. After further discussion I found out that he had had it 3 years and it had never had a proper habitat. He had just let it run loose in his bedroom. As for feeding it was ” whenever”. Although very small for 3+ years she appeared to be in reasonably good health. I took her to a vet and surprisingly she checked out clean.
I placed her with some good people who were experienced and took excellent care of their animals. About 3 years later Alex got a scholarship to Arizona State and so he rehomed his animals. He gave her to a lady I knew to do excellent work with lizards.
A year later a divorce came along, and she abandoned her animals with her ex. By the time I got wind of it and went to get her, my worst fears X10 became reality. I could see every bone in her body plus the remnants of at least 4 sheds clung to her in places. Her water was like pea soup. Both in color and consistancy. Once again other than extreme dehydration and near starvation, no parasites, infections, or viruses were found. I still only gave her a 5% chance of survival. Needless to say due to some intense TLC from my buddy Jay Taylor she did survive and in fact thrive. Today she went to her forever home with Sara Mayes, an exotic vet. During her fight to return from the abyss, we named her Miracle. She will always be small, but she is healthy and happy. Knowing that because of her spirit and the love of several people, she thrives today, I can say her name truly fits.