Kenyan Sand Boa – Eryx colubrinus

Patient Records

Bo is an adult male Normal morph Kenyan Sand Boa.  He was actually delivered to us here at Snake Haus East by Sara, even though we initiated getting him.  He was on the other side of the state and just needed a place to stay till we could get him here. 

Typically, Sand boas are very docile, but Bo is kind of a cranky dude and has been known to try to bite for no good reason.  That doesn’t mean we don’t still love him.  He came to us because his normal cage had been broken and the owner didn’t have the money to replace everything.  Though they don’t need huge cages, a 10 gallon was not big enough for him and the owner decided to rehome him.  We usually have to go digging for the sand boas, but not Bo!  It isn’t uncommon to see him half on top of his substrate just watching as we are working in the snake room.