Patient Records

Jungle boa

Donated to us by a friend for safe haven.  He took her in this summer from someone she was abandoned with after a relationship change. He received some offers of purchase for her but chose to decline them. So many people made it obvious they didn’t really understand what she needs. She is already quite large at only 5 years old & we didn’t want her to end up in a bad environment again. She will stay safe with us.  Thanks Terry!

Wren is a jungle boa, like Saga, and has wonderful pink and red colors. She is super chunky though so will be going on a diet.

Ok guys I have to admit something -I LOVE BOAS!!! Oh my gosh can you believe how beautiful Wren is? Her colors are amazing. She is a 10year old jungle boa. She has been on a pretty serious diet for a year or so and is starting to slim down a bit. We got her into a new enclosure today and took some measurements- she is just over 8 feet long and weighs a whopping 23.4lbs.

Posted by Snake Haus on Monday, March 18, 2019