Patient Records

Hog Island Boa

This beautiful girl is a Hog Island boa.  Hog island boas are a special locality of the common boa that have developed differently from the other boas.  Genetic isolation on a small island allowed these boas to evolve with very high pink, orange and peach tones, as well as heavy speckling.  They are spectacularly gorgeous. 

Harley’s estimated birth year is 2007.  Her owner was left unknowing how to care for her after a difficult divorce.  She was very scared of Harley and told us she was aggressive.  Once we got a look at Harley’s enclosure and condition we figured out why she was so scared of her.  Harley had been living in an empty 90 gallon aquarium that was sitting on the floor.  She was also severely underfed.  Starving, and without any hides, Harley was constantly oscillating between food motivation and fear.  This photo shows some of her scars.

Once we got Harley home to Snake Haus and into an appropriate enclosure she settled down quickly.  She is still very food motivated but hook training has allowed her to understand when it is time eat vs when it is time to be social.  Harley now is one of our mostly social and outgoing snakes.