Patient Record

Grimm is one of the most debilitated animals we have seen thus far. His owner has been working 70 hours a week and unable to keep an eye on him. When he realized how sick he had gotten he contacted us immediately asking for help.

These pictures of Grimm are not here for shock value. They are here in hopes of reminding people how these animals’s quiet strength is, at times, unfortunate. The ability to survive such severe neglect is both a gift and a curse. Since snakes are able to survive terrible illness they are often kept unknowingly in conditions that are unacceptable. Grimm has many problems and we don’t yet know if he can recover from them. Our concerns include organ failure, septicemia, refeeding syndrome, skin sloughing and bone deep wounds. We aren’t quite sure how all this happened but he is now in our care.

Grimm is tucked away tonight in a quiet, warm and clean enclosure in the Snake Haus ICU with medications on board. This has been a stressful day for him and we will need to take it very slow if we are going to save him.