Patient Records

Normal Columbian boa

We do not know Epic’s age other than she is 10 years old or more.  Snake Haus found her through an advertisement for an enclosure.  The ad said “Enclosure for sale; comes with a free snake”.  When we got there to look at her we found her in an old doughnut cabinet with no heat and no hides.  The owner couldn’t remember how long she had been without heat.  Her face was shockingly swollen, she was cold, and so pale we worried she wasn’t going to survive.  Thankfully Epic has a strong spirit and was able to pull through.  She spent many months in one of the Snake Haus ICU enclosures getting antibiotics, hydration therapy, and steady 80-90 degree heat.  She is permanently disfigured from her ordeal but doesn’t seem to notice.  Epic is a strong girl!


These pictures show parts of Epic’s recovery.  You can see how swollen and distorted her face is.  Her xray shows that her facial swelling is calcified from the amount of inflammation and damage that she had in her face.  We suspect this is due to nasal abscess that was left untreated for so long her body tried to wall it off by calcifying the tissues around it.  That calcification will not likely go away over time and has essentially cement her in time so we can never forget the amount of damage she endured.  This is a case that made us sad, mad, and thankful all at the same time.  We were so saddened by her poor condition, mad that her owner didn’t know enough to take her to a vet for treatment, and thankful that he asked for someone to adopt her.