Patient Records

Everyone meet Bill. Bill meet everyone! We’ve been trying to get ahold of this guy for months. Had it lined up a few weeks ago but his owner got bit by him so bad he refused to bring him to us. So Mirko drove an hour away to get him. So for laughs sake we’re naming him after Kill Bill.

He is a dark and handsome!! Oh my. And don’t worry guys he’s not aggressive he just was scared and very very hungry as he hadn’t been offered food in several months. After getting a few good meals he calmed down quickly.

He has cleared quarantine and is now in the Snake Haus boa room.

We took Bill in from someone who was afraid of him. He hadn’t been handled in more than 6 months and hadn’t been fed in at least two months. Clearly he needed us. We had been in contact with the owner for many weeks but he wanted to sell him rather than surrender him. We just continued to offer him a spot at Snake Haus if he changed his mind.

After several weeks he finally called to say he was moving and the snake had to go. He agreed to meet us closer to our area but called that morning to say that he had just been bitten by him so badly he was going to the hospital. Gosh darnit! This is so silly. The next afternoon we made the 3 hour drive to go pick him up. Welcome to Snake Haus Bill! So sorry we couldn’t get help you sooner.

Bill sure is something special. Not only is he tall, dark, and handsome, but he’s also quite social. . . honestly he’s a bit of a clown 😉

Posted by Snake Haus on Friday, December 20, 2019

Bill is available for adoption