Enclosure resources

We consult with people all over the world via email providing guidance for people who want to KEEP their snakes but need help learning how to improve on their care. Keeping pet snakes in their current homes and helping owners improve husbandry is one of our biggest goals.

Below is a list of companies that build PVC enclosures. Some also work with other materials. Please let us know if we should add someone to this list!

*NOTE* some of these come with SCREEN TOPS and will need to be modified; screen tops are really dangerous for many reasons. Please read the article listed as the last link for more details on that topic in the comments.

Build your own: https://www.snakehaus.com/…/build-your-own-enclosure/

Snakes in Tanks: https://www.snakehaus.com/…/snakes-in-tanks-please-stop/