Some of the saddest cases we have seen are of animals that have suffered burns due to equipment failure.  It is extremely important to use thermostats for controlling you under tank heaters, as well as safety guards for heat lamps.  Many reptiles are unable to feel heat the way we do.  Burns are most common when an animal like this is kept in a room that has ambient temperature that is too cold.  That makes them stay close, or on top of, their heat source.  They can not feel a burn happening until after the damage is already done.

The pictures here show a ball python who’s undertank heater shorted out and over heated.  It became so hot it caused the glass to break.  Thankfully he had a very committed owner who worked hard for many months to help him heal.  He now has extensive scarring making it necessary for him to eat smaller prey.  This burn took 8 months to heal.