New Tegu with MBD

We have named this little one Aelia.

She definitely has metabolic bone disease with some leg fractures. We have her on calcium injections and pain meds now. Her front legs are very abnormal but she seems to be much more comfortable tonight with some light support on them.After her first dose of injectable calcium and pain meds she ate some carnivore care from a syringe for us and drank some water also from a syringe. She is in a small very warm enclosure and with daily treatments will hopefully slowly start to recover.

NOTE: Do NOT attempt to bandage your own pets limbs at home. Metabolic bone disease means the bones are very soft and fragile. An improperly placed or poorly maintained bandage can easily cause additional fractures. Always seek veterinary care for illness and injuries like this. Remember we have two veterinarians on staff at Snake Haus so we are able to do things here that you should not attempt by yourself.

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