Generator power!! finally

Oh my gosh you guys!!! Guess what?!!!!

We officially have full generator power at Snake Haus. The whole building is running smoothly on the generator now. No more crazy drills with extension cords, portable heaters, and sleepless nights when the power goes out. Last year we had no power for 5 straight days with a foot of snow on the ground and outside temperatures well below freezing. It will happen again but we are ready for it this year!

I can not express enough how thankful I am to those of you who donated to this project. We succeeded in making it happen by sheer will power, hard work, and the support of a few dedicated Snake Haus followers.

THANK YOU Rich, David, and Bob! And thank you also to those who consulted with us on the design and execution. We, and all the Snake Haus fans, can rest easy this winter knowing these animals will be safe.Now on to the next big project! ❤️🐍(sound on)

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